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Douglas County - Solid Waste Mgmt Plan

We invite you to comment on the Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) for Douglas County.

Over a 10-year planning period of 2022 -2032, Pope/Douglas Counties maintain a population of approximately 49,390 people that generate approximately 47,000 tons of Mixed Municipal Solid Waste (MMSW) annually. The MMSW that is not reduced, reused, or recycled will be managed at and designated to the Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management Waste-to-Energy Facility (PDSWM), Alexandria, Minnesota. Ash from PDSWM will be managed at its ash landfill near Hoffman, Minnesota. Bulky materials, and non-processable materials will managed at the Morrison County Landfill.

The Pope/Douglas SWMP will reduce waste generation through education, deconstruction programs, and sustainability programs at County facilities. It will maintain a combined recycling and organics rate of around 44%. All County municipalities offer curbside collection of recyclables and residents can self-haul recyclables to the PDSWM Recycling Center and problem materials are managed there or at private businesses.

The Pope/Douglas SWMP will be expanding its recycling and household hazardous waste collection by constructing a new recycling facility at the PDSWM location. Constructing and developing a source separated organic material processing facility near Hoffman Minnesota. Operation of a metals recovery facility which removes additional metals from the combustion ash generated at PDSWM at the ash landfill near Hoffman, Minnesota.

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