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Pomme de Terre Watershed - TMDL/WRAPS Report

We invite you to comment on the draft Pomme de Terre River Watershed reports. 

The MPCA has identified 13 new impairments to bodies of water in the Pomme de Terre River Watershed in west central Minnesota: three aquatic recreation impairments on lakes, two aquatic life impairments on lakes, and eight impairments on stream reaches. One stream segment that the MPCA previously listed as impaired, Pelican Creek in Grant County, was found to no longer have impaired macroinvertebrates communities. In addition, some water resources that already meet standards need additional protection. In these reports, the MPCA describes a variety of engagement strategies and best management practices unique to the diverse landscape and communities of the Pomme de Terre River Watershed to address water quality issues in this watershed. 

The MPCA prepares two significant watershed reports that help direct future restoration or protection work. A total maximum daily load (TMDL) report addresses impaired waters by establishing the amount of each pollutant that a water body can accept and still meet water quality standards, or the reductions needed to meet the standards. The second report, a watershed restoration and protection strategy (WRAPS) report, uses TMDL reports, monitoring results, and other information to develop strategies for restoring polluted waters and protecting healthy ones. 

See the Public Notice document for public participation options. For more information about Minnesota's watersheds, please visit our website. 

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