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Joe Barnard - Feedlot Permit

We invite you to comment on the draft permit for the Joe Barnard Finisher animal feedlot located in Blue Earth County.

The facility will house 3,800 head of swine in total confinement barns. Liquid manure generated by the animals will be stored within concrete lined storage structures. Manure generated at the facility will be applied to surrounding cropland at agronomic rates. This permitting action includes converting the existing farrowing facility to a finishing facility and includes the remodel of two existing barns to convert them to finishing barns and closing one existing barn. The animal unit (AU) capacity will be increased from 707 AU to a final total of 1,140 AU.

This permit requires the facility to be designed, operated, and maintained to prevent discharge to waters, except in an extreme storm event. Operators are required to land apply manure at agronomic rates, observe water setbacks, and maintain records of land application activities, including location, timing, and rate of application. Please refer to the draft permit for additional requirements.

The MPCA’s feedlot permit strives to protect our lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, and groundwater by preventing manure from polluting water. The permit applies to most aspects of livestock management including the location, design, construction, operation, and management of feedlots and manure handling facilities. Minnesota has approximately 18,000 registered livestock operations.

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